# 3 - Empty Locket Pendants

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Empty Locket Pendants - 1 1/8" from top of bail  28.5mm round
Empty lockets to fill with your own item.
Your choice of Sterling Silver or Gold Filled bezel and 2 domed plastic lenses.

The locket comes in 3 separate pieces that need to be assembled.


Coin Edge Locket assembly instructions:
Remove screw from locket with small screwdriver. Spread the locket ring gently open. Fill front curved lens with gold. Put the back lens over the top of the gold (wide edge of the flat lens to the inside). Carefully pick up the lenses between the thumb and indexfinger. Insert lenses into ring. Be sure that they fit tightly together as you close the ring around them. Put the screw back into the ring. Do not over tighten.


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